How to Close Ally Bank Account?

There are so many banks that are operating in the United States of America. The customers in the country have too many options. And that is why people switch banks if they don’t like the services of the bank. All they do is find another bank for them and open a new bank account. It is not like people close accounts only if they don’t like the services. Many people close their accounts because they have multiple accounts.

It gets tough to maintain multiple bank accounts and you will have to pay the account keeping fees as well. So if you are not using the account and paying the account closing fees then it is a loss for you. So in such cases you can close the account and get rid of it. You can close your account not only with the Ally Bank but any bank but there are some rules and regulations which should be followed.

If you don’t have any bank account other than the Ally Bank. Then it is recommended to open a new bank account and then start with the process to close your Ally Bank account. In today’s guide of mine, I will be telling you the complete steps to the Close Ally Bank account. The steps are easy and the customer support of the Ally Bank is very friendly who can help you to close the account you have with them.

About Ally Financial

Ally Bank Logo

Type of Company Public Company
Founded 1919
Headquarters Ally Detroit Center, Detroit, Michigan, U.S. (Corporate) and Sandy, Utah, U.S. (Ally Bank)
Revenue (2019) US$6.394 billion
Net Income (2019) US$1.721 billion
Total Assets (2019) US$180.844 billion
Total Equity (2019) US$14.416 billion
Number of Employees (2019) 8,700
Official Website

Methods to Close Ally Bank Account

Steps to Close Ally Bank Account

As I read on the official website of the Ally Bank there are two methods by following which you can close the account. I have explained both of those methods below. You can use the one which you feel is right for you to close down the account. Both the methods are offline and I did not find any online method that can be followed to do this job.

By calling the Customer Care of Ally Bank

Steps to Close Ally Bank Account by Calling the Customer Care:
  1. Call the customer care of the Ally Bank on 1-877 247 2559.
  2. Your call will be connected to speak with one of the customer care executives of the bank.
  3. Tell the executive that you want to close the account you have with the Ally Bank.
  4. The executive will ask you a few verification questions about the account to verify if he or she is speaking with the real owner of the account.
  5. Answer all the questions correctly.
  6. Then you will be asked the reason why you are closing your bank account.
  7. Tell the executive the reason why you are closing your account.
  8. And your request to close the account will be taken by the customer care executive.

By Sending a Written Request

Steps to Close Ally Bank Account by Sending a Request Letter:
  1. You have to write a request letter to the Ally Bank.
  2. The subject of the request letter should be “Account Closure.”
  3. Mention your name, account number, and the reason why you are closing the account.
  4. After writing it read it once to make sure that there are no mistakes,
  5. Sign the request letter.
  6. And mail it to Ally Bank Customer Care, P.O. Box 951, Horsham, PA 19044.

How is this Information Verified?

I contacted the Ally Bank on Instagram to ask them how one can close the account with them. By doing this I have verified the information that is mentioned in this guide.

My Conversation with Ally Bank

Conversation with Ally Bank's Customer Care

How to Contact Ally Bank?

I strongly recommend you to contact the Bank and verify the information mentioned on this webpage before you use it personally. The contact details of the Ally Bank are mentioned below.

Contact Details of Ally Bank:


This is how you can close Ally Bank account. While writing the account closing request letter make sure that you are mentioning your correct name and account number. It will take time but the bank will respond to your request.

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