Legal Aspects or Information

Are We Official Part of Any Bank?

No, we are not an official part of any bank operating in any country. We just want to help out the people who wish to close their bank account.

Do We Want to Defame any Bank?

We never talk in a defaming manner in any of our pages or articles. In fact, we do not take the “Name of Bank” multiple times on our pages. (We use a limited number of times)

The matter is just that we educate people on how they can close an account. We are not interested in anything more than that.

Do We Request any of Your Information?

No, there is no form on our website where you can fill out your information. In fact, we have disabled the comment form as well.

This has been done to provide you, our readers a safe environment while you are learning how you can close your account.

Do Our Pages Represent Any Banks?

No, we are not representing any bank with our website.

I Need More Information Whom Should I Contact?

On more than 90% of our pages, we provide the contact details of the bank. So you can call the customer service of the bank. So if you need more information you can contact your bank directly.

If you find that the contact information is not mentioned. (in the other 10% of the pages) You can visit the official website of your bank and find the contact information.

What About the Logos That are Used?

Legally we can use the logos and trademarks without the permission of the owner until we are using them for editorial and informational purposes.

You can read more here:

We use the logo just to help the readers identify the bank.

Is It Allowed to Publish Content About Closing an Account?

We believe in freedom of speech, and we will continue to use it on our website. We are never using a bad tone against any bank. And we will never do it.

There are so many websites and YouTube channels online that publish the same content. And there is nothing wrong with what we are doing.

If someone wants to know how he or she can close a bank account. He or she has the right to read it online. And we have the right of free speech to publish it.

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