9 Questions to Ask the Bank Before Opening an Account

Every one of us knows that the bank account is a really necessary thing we should have these days, But before you open a new account for you. You should consider asking these 9 important questions to the bank. And then decide if you should open an account with them.

Questions to Ask the Bank

1. Will the Bank Charge Me For Account Keeping?

There are many banks out there operating in different countries that charge the account holders to maintain their accounts. Some call this charge the account-keeping charges. So you should ask the bank before you open the account. Because you will find the banks which will not ask you to pay the account-keeping charges.

2. How Much Interest Will You Get on Your Savings?

This is very normal in the banking sector of the whole world. The banks will pay the account holders a good amount of interest rates on the savings they have in the account. You should also note that the interest rate being offered is a matter of competition in the banking sector.

And when there is competition the ultimate winner is the customer. So here you can choose the bank that you think is good for you. And at the same time that offers you a good amount of rate of interest on the savings you have in your bank account.

3. Can I Use ATM for Free?

Whenever we open a new bank account we will be getting a lot of documentation from the bank along with our ATM Card or Debit Card. Here you should ask your bank if they charge you every time you use the ATM. Because usually there will be some free number of transactions you can do using your card.

If in case your bank will charge you then how much will it cost you every time? This is one of the very important questions that you should ask your bank. That is because we often use our card in the ATM machines.

4. Will the Bank Charge Me for Cheques and Replacement Card?

Along with the documentation, we also get the cheque from the bank. So when you run out of your cheques you can request more cheques. But how much will your bank charge you for a new set of cheques? And also what about the card replacement charges if you have lost your card?

5. Can I Access my Bank Account Online?

The world is going digital and so the banks. These days almost every bank offers the option of online banking. Using this you can access your bank account online. So before you open a new bank account. You should ensure that the bank will allow you to access your account and bank online.

6. Should I Maintain a Certain Amount of Balance Always?

There are some banks that require you to maintain a minimum balance always in your account. If you ever take your balance below that amount you will be charged for non-maintenance of the sufficient funds. So it is always recommended that you ask the bank beforehand about this requirement.

7. Where is the Nearest Branch of the Bank in Your Area?

Even when we can use our bank account online. There are certain changes that can be made only by visiting the branch and producing certain documents. So you should make sure that the bank has a branch near your location. You can also locate the nearest branch of the bank by yourself.

8. How Will I Get Customer Support?

Customer Care of the Customer Support is really critical aspect on which you should focus before opening a new bank account. If something goes wrong with your account. Then how will you contact the customer care of the bank? So you should always make sure that the bank with which you are opening a new account has good customer support.

9. What About Overdrafts?

When you withdraw more money than you have in your bank account, it is termed as an overdraft. But here some people are ok with the overdraft whereas some are not ok. So if you don’t want to deal with this then you should ask if you get overdraft protection for your account. And at the same time also ask for the charges for the overdraft.


These are some of the important questions to ask the bank before opening an account. You can take note of these questions if you want so that it will be helpful for you.

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