How to Close Bank of Melbourne Account?

Bank of Melbourne is providing financial services to the people of Australia since 2011. This bank is a subsidiary of Westpac Bank. Even though this bank was established in 2011, the bank has many customers. Today’s guide is for those customers who have a bank account with the Bank of Melbourne and want to close it. You can easily close Bank of Melbourne account by following the steps mentioned in this guide.

This bank is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. I will tell you more about this bank in the further part of this guide. There are two methods by following which you can close your account. I will explain both of the methods in this guide. It is not like the customer can not break his or her banking relationship with the bank. But there are certain procedures that have to be followed to break the relationship or close the account.

Now if you have a negative balance or any dues in your account. Then the Bank of Melbourne will not allow you to close the account until you clear the dues. You can check your bank account balance to know if there are any dues. If you don’t have an idea why there are dues in your account. Then you can contact the bank and ask them the reason. They will be able to explain to you it.

After that, you have to also make sure that you have another bank account. If you don’t have one then it is highly recommended to open a new one. Once you have opened the account you should transfer all your funds in the Bank of Melbourne account to your new bank account. But it is advised to transfer only on the day you are closing your Bank of Melbourne.

About Bank of Melbourne

Bank of Melbourne Logo

Type of Bank Subsidiary Bank
Headquarters Melbourne, Australia
Number of Locations 85
Area Served Victoria, Australia
Products Personal Banking and Business Banking
Parent Organization Westpac Bank

Methods to Close Bank of Melbourne Account

Close Bank of Melbourne Account

The 2 methods about which I was talking at the beginning of this guide are explained below. Use the method which you feel is the right one for you.

By Visting the Bank of Melbourne Branch

Steps to Close Bank of Melbourne Account by Visiting Branch:
  1. Locate the Bank of Melbourne branch which is near to your location.
  2. Go the branch with an appropriate identity proof document.
  3. Now you have to go to the help desk or the account management section of the branch.
  4. Tell the bank officials that you want to close the bank account.
  5. They will ask your name and bank account number.
  6. Show them your identity proof document to verify your identity as the owner of the account.
  7. Follow the instructions given to you by the bank officials to close your account.

Calling the Customer Support of the Bank

Steps to Close Bank of Melbourne Account by Calling Customer Support:
  1. Call the customer support of Bank of Melbourne on 13 22 66.
  2. Soon your call will be connected to talk with the support executive.
  3. Tell the executive that you want to close your bank account.
  4. Then you will be asked some questions to verify your identity.
  5. The customer support executive will help you to close down the account.

How is this Information Verified?

I have verified this information by contacting the Bank of Melbourne on Facebook. I have attached the screenshot of the conversation below for your reference.

My Conversation with Bank of Melbourne

Conversation with Customer Care of Bank of Melbourne

How to Contact the Bank of Melbourne?

It is recommended to you to verify the information provided by contacting the bank before using it personally. That is because we here at Account Closers rely on various online resources to provide you this information. We try our level best to give you the most accurate information. But still, please confirm it with your bank.

Contact Details of Bank of Melbourne:


This is how you can close Bank of Melbourne Account by calling the customer care and by visiting the branch. Just keep in mind that once the bank starts the process to close the account you can not use it anymore. The recommended method to close the account is by visiting the branch of the bank personally.

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