How to Close Bendigo Bank Account?

Bendigo Bank is one of the Australian Financial institutions which is involved in retail banking services. (Primarily) This guide is for the account holders of the Bendigo Bank who are planning to close down their bank account. I will be telling you everything that you need to know to close the Bendigo Bank account. There are many banks that are operating in Australia and the competition is high.

When there is competition the ultimate winner will be the consumer. Because when you have high competition in the market then you have to provide the best possible services. If you don’t do it then you are not going to survive the competition. And that is what is being done by all the banks in Australia. The banks are trying hard to provide the best banking services to their customers.

Research says it costs more than 3 times to get a new customer than retaining the current customer of the organization. And this is why the customers or the account holders are always the most important people for the banks. Before you close your Bendigo Bank account I recommend you open a new bank account with another bank. This will help you in a smooth transition from Bendigo Bank to your new bank.

Once you have opened the new bank account you should transfer your funds in the Bendigo Bank account to your new account. It is recommended to transfer the funds on the day you are closing your bank account. Before you can close your bank account you should clear all the dues in your account. If you have any dues to pay or negative balance in your account then you will not be allowed to close the account until you clear them.

About Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Logo of Bendigo Bank

Type of Bank Public
Founded 1858
Headquarters Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
CEO (2020) Marnie Baker
Chairman (2020) Robert Johanson
Net Income (2019) A$ 376.8 Million
Total Assets (2019) A$ 72.570 Billion
Total Equity (2019) A$ 6.631 Billion

Methods to Close Bendigo Bank Account

Close Bendigo Bank Account

There are two methods that can be used by the customers of Bendigo Bank to close the account. One of those methods is online which means you can use the official website of the bank. And the other method is by calling the customer care of the Bendigo Bank. I have explained both of these methods in this article.

Steps to Close Bendigo Bank Account:
  1. Locate the nearest branch of the Bank in your Region.
  2. Visit the branch.
  3. Go to the accounts management or help desk of the branch.
  4. Talk with the branch officials and tell them that you want to close your account.
  5. They will ask your account number and name.
  6. Show them your identity proof document to prove that you are the real owner of the account.
  7. The officials will ask you the reason why you are closing your account.
  8. Tell them your reason.
  9. And follow the instructions given to you by the bank officials to close your account.

How is this Information Verified?

I have verified this information by contacting the Bendigo Bank on Instagram. For your reference, I have added the screenshot of the conversation below.

My Conversation with Bendigo Bank

My Conversation with Bendigo Bank on Instagram

How to Contact Bendigo Bank?

I have tried my best to provide the most accurate information to you. But I recommend you to verify the information before you can use it personally. You can verify it by contacting the bank using the contact information provided below.

Contact Details of Bendigo Bank:


These are the two recommended methods to close Bendigo Bank account. But if you wish you can also visit the branch of the bank for a faster process of closing the bank account. If you have any complications with the account then you can easily clear them from the branch of the bank.

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