How to Close First National Bank Account?

The First National Bank is one of the biggest banks that are running its operations in South Africa. I assume you hold a bank account with this bank. If you have one and now you have made your mind to close it. Then this guide is tailored for you. You can find the complete steps you need to follow to close First National Bank account.

I tried to collect the information about closing the bank account on the official website of the bank. But I did not find any such knowledgebase there. After that, I tried to search on the internet regarding the same. But my search did not return any information online.

But you don’t need to worry as I will guide you with the process to close First National Bank account. The process of closing the account remains almost similar no matter in which country you live. If there is no information given by the bank on their site. You have to visit the branch of the bank to get it closed.

About First National Bank (South Africa)

First National Bank Logo

The First National Bank is one of the big 5 banks in South Africa. The parent organization of this bank is First Rand Limited. More details about the bank are mentioned below.

Type Division
Industry Banking
Founded 1838
Headquarters South Africa
Area Served South Africa, Botswana, Namibia
Revenue (2014) ZAR: 15,034 Million
Net Income (2014) ZAR: 7,513 Million
Official Website

Steps to Close First National Bank Account

Steps to Close First National Bank Account

The steps you need to follow to close your First National Bank account are mentioned below.

Steps to Close First National Bank Account:
  1. Check if there are any negative balances or dues pending in your account.
  2. Clear the dues and negative balance. (if any)
  3. Bring your bank account balance to Zero.
  4. Locate the nearest branch of the First National Bank in your location.
  5. Visit the branch of the bank personally.
  6. Speak to the bank officials and tell them that you want to close your account.
  7. Provide your name and the bank account number to the bank officials.
  8. Tell the reason why you have decided to close your account.
  9. Follow the instructions given to you by the bank officials and your account closing request will be taken.

When you visit the branch the officials will hand over a bank account closing application form to you. This form has to be filled and signed by the account holder. Once filled submit the form to the bank and your request to close the account will be taken into consideration.

But once the account closing process is started you can not use your bank account. So it is highly recommended that you should have an alternative bank account. If you don’t have an alternative bank account then you should open a new one in another bank.

How to Contact First National Bank?

You can contact the bank by using the contact details provided below.

Contact Details of First National Bank:


This is how you can close First National Bank account that is based in South Africa. Note one thing and that is if you already have an alternative bank account. Then there is no need to open a new account for you. If you are facing any issues then you can contact the bank using the above-mentioned contact information.

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