How to Close Discovery Bank Account?

Discovery Bank Limited is one of the many other banks that are operating in South Africa. And today’s guide is for the customers of the Discovery Bank Limited. Those customers who no longer want to be a customer of the bank. I will tell you the methods by following which you can close Discovery Bank account.

The procedure which you have to follow is very simple. But you have to make sure that your bank account is ready to be closed. What I mean by ready to be closed is, there should be no pending dues in your account. If in case you have any pending dues or negative balance then you first have to pay them.

The Discovery Bank Limited will not allow you to close the account without clearing the dues. You also should keep in mind that the account will not be closed instantly. It takes at least 5 working days after you instructing the bank to close your account.

Before you start the process you have to make sure that you have an alternative bank account with you. If you don’t have then you should consider opening a new one. Choose the bank which you feel can serve you well. And approach the bank to open the account.

Once your new account is totally operational you can follow the instructions mentioned below. On the day you reach the bank to close your account. You need to bring down the balance to Zero. Don’t do it well in advance as it may attract charges.

Methods to Close Discovery Bank Account

Close Discovery Bank Account

Once the bank account is closed you will not be able to use it any away. Before closing make sure you stop all the direct deposits you receive in your old account. All your automatic payments will fail after closing the account. So set up all the automatic payments from your new account.

Visiting the Branch

Steps to Close Discovery Bank Account by Visiting the Branch:
  1. Locate the nearest branch of Discovery Bank in your region.
  2. Take an appropriate identity proof document with you.
  3. Visit the branch of the bank.
  4. Go to the help desk or the accounts management section of the branch.
  5. Tell the bank officials that you want to close your account.
  6. You will be asked the reason why you want to close the account.
  7. Tell them your reason for the closure.
  8. Read the Quote of settlement amount including closing balance and charges.
  9. If you agree to the quote the bank will close the account.

Calling Customer Care

Steps to Close Discovery Bank Account by Calling Customer Care:
  1. Call the customer care of Discovery Bank at 0860 11 2265.
  2. Tell the bank personnel that you want to close your account.
  3. You will be asked a few questions about your account.
  4. Answer the verification questions correctly.
  5. Tell the reason why you want to close the account.
  6. Agree with the settlement quote.
  7. And the personnel will take your request to close the account.

How to Contact Discovery Bank Limited?

For more information you can contact the bank using the contact information mentioned below.

Contact Details of Discovery Bank:


This is how you can close Discovery Bank account. The settlement quote is valid for 5 working days. If you don’t agree with that then the quote will change after 5 days.

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