How to Close Absa Bank Account?

Absa Bank Limited offers banking services to both individuals and businesses. This guide is for those people who want to close the bank account they have with the Absa Bank. The process of closing down the bank account we have with any bank is an easy process.

But the account holders feel that the process is complicated. That is because they don’t know the exact process that they need to follow to close the account. This guide is designed to help such people and tell them the exact process to be followed.

Before you close your account with Absa Bank limited, you should make sure that you have an alternative bank account to use. In the case, you don’t have an alternative bank account. Then choose another bank and open a new bank account for you before you close the existing one.

About Absa Bank Limited

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Type Subsidiary
Founded 1986
Headquarters 7th Floor, Absa Towers West, 15 Troye Street, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Steps to Close Absa Bank Account

Steps to Close Absa Bank Account

There is only 1 offline method using which you can close your Absa Bank Limited account. I referred to the official website of the bank. But I did not find any appropriate information about the process to close the account. I found a tweet of the bank on Twitter, so this guide is based on that tweet.

Steps to Close Absa Bank Account:
  1. Locate the nearest branch of the Absa Bank limited in your region.
  2. Taken an appropriate identification proof document with you.
  3. Visit the branch of the Absa Bank personally.
  4. Check if you have any dues or negative balance in your bank account.
  5. Clear the dues. (if any)
  6. Take the proper steps to bring down your bank account balance to zero.
  7. Go to the help desk or the bank account management section.
  8. Tell the bank officials that you want to close your bank account.
  9. Provide your reason to close the account and follow the instructions given to you by the bank officials.

How to Contact Absa Bank?

You can use the contact information mentioned below to reach Absa Bank Limited.

Contact Details of Absa Bank:


This is how you can close your Absa Bank account by visiting the branch of the bank. You should keep one thing in your mind and that is once the bank starts the process to close your account, you can not use it in any way. So I recommend you download the bank account statement before you close the account.

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