How to Close Wallis Bank Account?

If for some reason you have decided to close your account. Then you can do it. But there are a few things to take care of. And there is a proper process to follow. In this guide, I will tell you how you can close Wallis Bank account.

Before you approach the bank. You have to make sure there are no pending dues and negative balances in the account. If you have any then clear those.

And the other thing is you have to move all your automatic payments and direct deposits to your alternative bank account. This should be done before you close the account.

If you already have an alternative account. Then that is fine. But in case if you don’t have the choose a good bank for you in the USA. And get one opened.

This guide does not talk about any online method to close the account. But instead of that, I have explained an offline method that will work 100%.

Steps to Close Wallis Bank Account

Close Wallis Bank Account

If you hold an individual account with the bank. Then you can follow the steps explained in this guide. But if you hold a joint account. Then follow this linked guide.

Steps to Close Wallis Bank Account:
  1. Locate the nearest branch of Wallis Bank near you.
  2. Take your passbook, unused cheques, debit card, and identity proof document with you.
  3. Visit the branch of the bank and go to the helpdesk.
  4. Speak with the bank officials handling the helpdesk.
  5. Tell them that you want to close your bank account.
  6. The officials will ask for your name and bank account number.
  7. Provide them the requested details and show them your identity proof document.
  8. Make your bank account balance zero.
  9. Collect, fill, sign, and submit the account closure request form to the bank officials.

How to Contact the Bank?

You can contact the bank by calling the customer service, using the official website. And also by messaging the support team of the bank on its official social media profiles.

Contact Details of Wallis Bank:


This is how you can get your account closed. Also, keep in mind that if you are closing the account too early after opening it. Then the bank may ask you to pay the account closing charges.

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