How to Close Sonali Bank Account?

Sonali Bank Limited is one of the State-Owned Bank that is serving the people of Bangladesh with its banking services. This bank is also the largest bank in the country. The headquarters of this bank is situated in the city of Dhaka. This bank severs the customers in Bangladesh and also overseas. I will tell you more things about this bank in the further part of this article. Today I will tell you how you can close Sonali Bank Account.

If you are willing to close down the bank account you have with this bank. Then you are on the right webpage. I will tell you each and everything of which you need to take care of while closing the account. Being the largest bank in the country there are many Bangladeshis who hold their account with the Sonali Bank. But there are many scenarios that will make us close the bank account.

 If you want to review the banking services of Sonali Bank. Or if you wish to share the reason why you are willing to close down your bank account. You can share it with other readers by commenting down below. Before I tell you the steps that you need to follow to close the account. I would like to share a few more details about this bank with you. After that, we will learn the account closing procedure.

About Sonali Bank Limited

Logo of Sonali Bank Limited

Type of Bank Public Limited Company
Founded 1972
Headquarters Motijheel, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Chairman (2020) Ziaul Hasan Siddiqui
CEO (2020) Obayed Ullah al-Musud
Revenue (2018) US$ 540 Million
Net Income (2018) US$ 27 Million
Total Assets (2018) US$ 15 Billion
Number of Employees 21,839

How Can You Close Your Account in Sonali Bank?

Close Sonali Bank Limited Account

If you want to close your bank account, you personally have to visit your branch of the bank. There is no online method but only this offline method to close your account.

Steps to Close Sonali Bank Account:
  1. Go to the nearest branch of Sonali Bank.
  2. Collect a bank account closure application form.
  3. Fill the form with your name, bank account number, etc.
  4. After filling the application form the account holder has to sign the form.
  5. Check if there are any mistakes in the filled form.
  6. Submit the duly filled and signed application form to the bank.

How to Contact Sonali Bank Ltd.?

Before you use the above-mentioned information personally to close your bank account. I recommend you to verify the same by contacting the bank. You can contact the bank using the contact details provided below.

Contact Details of Sonali Bank Ltd.:


This is how you can close Sonali Bank account. The bank account closing application form can be collected from the branch of the bank. But the only way you have to close the account is by visiting the branch of the bank. And if you have a negative balance in your bank account then you have to clear that before you can close the account.

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